So everyone’s biggest question when it comes to Chanel’s $30 nail polish is: “Is it worth the price?”

Well, that depends. If you love nail polish, then yes. If you appreciate a good formula, then yes. If you’re not interested in these things and they’re not that important you, then probably not. I, personally, really hate having to look at chipped nails all day (I work at a desk) and having to reapply multiple times a week annoys me even more.

A few weeks ago, I pulled one of my most beloved shades, Essie’s black-red Wicked, out of my polish suitcase (I know) and after applying, it turned bubbly. I guess it had expired.

I knew Chanel had a similar colour to Wicked called Rouge Noir, and had always wanted to try a high-end polish, so I decided to take a leap and give it a try. I also picked up their topcoat.
This is a really good, opaque, thick formula with tons of pigment that delivers a rich colour. There is nothing more annoying/challenging for me when I am trying to unsteadily apply nail polish to my nails and the watery, translucent formula will not deliver the colour I am trying to achieve, instead giving me streaky nails. The nail polish itself applies like a dream, with a very opaque formula.

I am extremely pleased with the results–I even took it with me on my pedicure, and the aesthetician was in love with it. She couldn’t believe how rich the colour was. I am going onto my fourth week, and there has been no chipping whatsoever on my toes.

As for my fingers, I apply two layers of topcoat (which gives very shiny results that last for days), and you could even reapply another after a day or two if you wanted even more shine. The topcoat has a thinner consistency, which means that it won’t gunk up your nails. There is minimal chipping, and my fingers still have a very high shine gloss to them. 

Not to mention, I think this is the perfect Fall/Winter colour. It’s dark enough to be considered neutral, but still interesting enough that it’s not basic. Perfect for adding a little edge to your look.

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