I love wearing red lips for dressing up a more casual outfit and for a fancy night out, but as more and more people are hopping on the red lip train, it’s fun to find a way to rethink the red lip.

A super simple way of switching it up for a more casual daytime look is by applying lipstick with your finger. The heat from your finger will melt the product, making it easy to pat the colour onto your lips to create a more washed out, stained look. If you really wanted to take this idea step further, you can attempt to smear it on a little more haphazardly to recreate the fall trends.


For a more polished look, I added more intensity to a glamorous dark red lip by applying a creamy charcoal shadow to the center of the lip with my finger. After a bit of blending, I applied a touch of clear gloss to finish off the look.
This is our first post as part of Fashion Magazine’s Beauty Panel! We will be contributing weekly posts to the website to teach readers how to incorporate new trends into their look, as well as tips and tricks for mastering hair and makeup looks. 

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