How great/ridiculous is this ad?! I was literally taking mental notes as I stumbled upon this vintage perfume ad posted on Sea of Shoes recently (Jane Aldridge is a goddess for those who aren’t aware of the shoe-hauling mother-daughter duo who founded the blog). Not to say of course that a woman should rely on a man’s standards in her own personal upkeep and character (inner-feminist moment), but I love how the designer encapsulates the modern, sophisticated woman in such few words (though this ad is hella outdated).

Yeah yeah, it’s extremely obnoxious, but I can’t help but wish to embody the woman he describes, but for my own sake (and not that of his sorta unjustified demands). And while getting perfectly dolled up in fifteen minutes makes me want to roundhouse Blass in the face, I mean, who doesn’t love an honest woman who can have a good time? I know I do! I can’t tell if this ad humors me or speaks to me, really. I love the idea of being/not being the embodiment of these characteristics, but at the same time, that being a big eater is the one that connects with me the most.

All I can really conclude is that this asshole had good taste… what do you think?

–Anna Raponi

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