Lora Spiga, Lancôme Canada’s Official Makeup Artist

As time goes by, it’s hard for women to keep track of trends, especially in makeup. What was done in the 80’s–the big hair, strong blush and contouring–isn’t done anymore, and what you might have done when you were younger–glittery eyeshadows, bubblegum pink lips–isn’t really age appropriate anymore. So what to do? Where do you take your makeup next? Some women have adapted, some have not. This might be a gentle wake-up call for some of you…but we are only here to help.

We asked Lora Spiga, Lancôme Canada’s Official Makeup Artist, for the lowdown on what the best makeup tips and tricks are for women with mature skin.

What are some top no-nos for mature skin?

  • Don’t wear heavy foundations that give a masking effect to the skin. Instead, stick to lightweight, hydrating formulas that are designed to correct colour/tone irregularities.
  • Don’t over do it with eye shadow. Using satin or matte textures are best and stick to light to medium intensities
  • Don’t over blush. In addition to wearing too much blush, it’s also very common to see the wrong blush colors on mature skin. Using the correct tools for applying blush (professional Blush brush) will allow you to apply the right dose of colour and they are also shaped respecting the size of the cheek area. Choose colours that are softer. They look more natural.
Are there specific makeup trends that you see on women that instantly date them?

  • Darker lipliner used with lighter lipstick…typically plum in shade
  • Heavy liner on the bottom lash line (of course paired with really bad 80’s hair)


Do you have any favourite foundations that don’t settle in lines?

Do you have some tips for distracting from lines/wrinkles?


Perfectly, elegant red lips. A timeless accessory that diverts your attention to the lips but most importantly to what a woman is saying.
Or you could pick up a tube of Visionnaire Blur…I love to use this on a mature skin. I apply it under a light foundation to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

What is the best way to deal with sparse eyebrows?

Lancôme has a product that I love to use for sparse brows…it really is one of our best kept secrets…it’s called Brow Expert. It’s a brow gel that comes with a brush and it tames unruly brows while depositing some colour to give a natural groomed effect to the brows. Every time I use it women are amazed.

What is the best way to cover bags under the eyes?

Concealer works wonders, but the key is putting it in the right place. It really comes down to playing with lighting. Typically, the puffier part of the under eye bag is lighter. Then just below the bag is a dark crease. You don’t want to highlight the puffy part because it already light. Therefore don’t conceal this area. Only lighten the crease directly below the puff.

Thank you Lora for answering all of our questions!

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