The chances of getting a natural tan at this point is long behind us, fellow beauty lovers. And as the winter winds roll in, we’ve all got to update our beauty routines– heavier on the moisture, perhaps higher coverage, you pick your poison, but we all make a few changes. Amidst all the kerfuffle, be it our wardrobes and the concoctions we slather on our faces, it can be a bit overwhelming. So what if I told you that this product will eliminate one product from your [I’ll bet] vast variety of cosmetics, save you an extra thirty seconds in the morning and keep you right on trend?
So now that I’ve got your attention: the cosmetic in question. Well, they’re basically a mish-mash of a bronzer and a blush. You got your peachy-bronze tones and your rosy-pink tones. All in one! Who knew!
Yes, it’s really that simple! The pinky hues call for a natural-looking contour and those flushed cheeks we all want. And the tan shades? They warm up our October complexions and mix with the tones to create a warmer, peachier colour on the cheeks. Clarins Graphic Expression Face and Blush Powder and Lancome’s Blush Rose Désir are my go-to’s this season. Lancome’s rendition offers a more dramatic, luminous finish (warmer tones) whereas the Clarins powder is great for a subtle, everyday look (cooler tones). I reach for a big duo fibered (stippling, if you will) brush– MAC and Make Up For Ever make great ones. After a swirl in the compact, dust of excess product onto your wrist (ie. simplest way to avoid Dorito cheeks), then at the sides of your forehead (along the hairline), continuing right down behind your brows and onto the cheekbones– a bit on the apples of your cheeks and in the hollows of your cheeks (fish face required). A little tap on the nose and on the chin. Finito. Your practically a movie star now. You’re welcome.
–Anna Raponi


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