I am extremely picky with my perfumes. I really only wear one ever, it’s my signature scent. So for me, even though I smell the beautiful perfume samples that we receive, I can never imagine myself wearing them, since I am so attached to my perfume. I usually pass the fragrance on to Anna to try out, since she is more adverturous with her perfumes.
However, Diptyque’s Eau Rose is extraordinarily pretty. It is clean, but almost magical smelling–this might sound crazy–but this is what a princess in a fairytale might smell like. Not disney princess–but an even more elegant version of sleeping beauty. Like sleeping beauty but with Grace Kelly playing the princess. My imagination might not be very far off, since this is Diptyque’s homage to the “Queen of Flowers”.
But let’s be clear–this is not your typical, standard, single note rose fragrance–there is much more to it. It contains many of my favourite scents: bergamot (think of earl grey tea), blackcurrant, cedar and honey among others, which make for a light aroma with depth and mystery. It’s a classic beauty, with a twist.

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