Routines are great, I think we can all agree in one way or another. But things get in the way and they get hectic. Plus, lately I’ve been skimping on my eight hours and even have a hard time bringing my energy down once I do hit the hay, which makes me even more stressed. And I don’t know about you, but my skin goes CRAZY when I don’t get enough sleep. So with the homework, the late nights, the breakouts, and the consequential lack of yoga classes (though it should really be a priority in my schedule), I get a little bit, well crazy. I’ve come across a few products here and there that help me get to sleep and, well just help me mellow out. I also later realized that all of these products are made by all-natural brands, fittingly.

Aveda Stress-Fix Body Lotion is great for when I have some time before I go to sleep, especially if you worked out the day before. You can give yourself a mini leg massage while you get a whiff of the calming scent of this lotion. It feels great on tired muscles and gives you a few minutes to clear your head. Amanda likes to apply this all over after jumping out of the shower at night. The matching rollerball contains a more concentrated oil of this lavender, lavandin and sage scent. It’s great to throw in your purse for both those crazy-stressful moments or just for those few minutes of the train or when you’ve got a minute to sort your thoughts. I like to apply this one to my wrists and behind my ears.

I was actually in Organic Garage when I discovered Badger’s Sleep Balm (don’t overlook the beauty sections of these natural grocery stores, they’re cheap and usually great for your skin!). Now, this stuff won’t make you doze off upon a sniff of this, as the name may suggest (although that would be really cool and somewhat dangerous now that I think of it…). But the aroma of lavender and bergamot in the form of a moisturizing balm can do wonders! I warm a bit between my fingers then apply to the tops of my shoulders, behind my ears, temples (beware, this may cause breakouts), the tip of my nose, my wrists, really anywhere where you’d like.

Origins Peace of Mind is probably the most effective de-stresser of the bunch. It has an immediate cooling sensation which effectively soothes a lot of tension around my neck and jaw (I apply a pump of this to my temples and behind my ears). The scent is actually really minty, which doesn’t strike me as calming, but after trying many others, the mint may just be the key.

But do remember, nothing beats stress like good sleep, a trip to the gym  and lots of water (also, green juice is an instant pick-me-up!).

–Anna Raponi

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