Clarins // Be Long Mascara
Clarins // Be Long Mascara

I know that I already got the chance to mention what an outstanding mascara I think this is, and I love it so much that I think that it deserves it’s own post.

Clarins’ newest innovation this Fall is their Be Long mascara. Not only does it give you a great pair of defined, long lashes, it also contains ingredients to help your lashes grow. And I’m all about more is more on the lash front–thanks to genetics, I naturally have short, sparse lashes. To combat this unfortunate trait, I use a nightly lash serum to grow long, thick, dark lashes. Just knowing that my mascara is just going that one step further in my lash-growing pursuit makes me a happy camper.
But! The main reason why I love this mascara so is the incredible brush (which I learned is really what differentiates a mascara from the pack). It has a small plastic brush so you can really get in there, and it grabs on to each lash with a bit of tension, so you get that long, defined lash, never any clumps. Plus, the opening on the tube ensure that there is always an even distribution of the product on the brush, never any excess or globs that you need to scrape off.
Plus, the minimalist in me loves the sleek, rectangular matte gold tube. No markings anywhere. Why shouldn’t your mascara look pretty on your vanity, too?

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