Let this be the next addition to the chronicles of Anna’s fight with her shiny-face (ugh, I just sound SO elegant don’t I?!). If you haven’t previously heard my unfortunate combination of oily, acne-prone and and uneven skin, well then, lucky you. After hearing so many great things about Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet (when Lisa Eldridge says it’s good, you know it must be pretty damn good), I knew I had to give it a try. I mean, it sounds perfect– medium to full coverage and the ability to keep your hyperactive oil glands at bay. This is arguably my favourite (gasp!), yes, my favourite liquid foundation on my skin. It has amazing coverage, like one thin layer and my redness is covered and my skin is fairly even. Now let me remind you that not one product, not one has kept my skin completely matte all day. But I think that’s just the sad reality for all of us oily-skinned guys and gals. I actually found that by mixing in a tiny bit of moisturizer with this product (3:1 ratio, give or take), I can go about an hour or two longer without facing a shiny face in the girls bathroom. The finish is also a tad more natural this way, which is always a bonus in my eyes. The shade selection is great, and when paired with the matching Duo Mat powder, I get great coverage and notable matteness. Checkmate, oily patchy skin.

Anna Raponi

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