No extractions. No pain. Just tightened pores, plumped up skin and a clearer complexion.

Jet Peel takes the facial to a whole new level of relaxation. There is no downtime–you don’t leave the spa with red marks from extractions, and your face isn’t totally raw from microdermabrasion. You can go get the facial, then get on with your day. Just be sure to apply some sunscreen before going outside.

The facial starts with cleansing and toning, follwed by an AHA exfoliating solution, and a grainy exfoliating product.

After the more traditional methods are done, the Jet Peel machine comes into play. Let me make this clear: it doesn’t hurt whatsoever. The instrument basically pressure-washes your face. It just feels as if someone is running the tip of an ice cube back and forth across your face. It blows a cold stream of air at your face with cold water, but your face is not wet.

The first round with the machine is with a saline solution that hydrates the skin. Then, they gently give your face a lymphatic drainage massage and lastly, the microdermabrasion peel (don’t be scared of the word peel, your skin doesn’t peel off).

After all the work with the machine is done, a nice thick mask is applied to your face (this one was used on me), chosen based on your skin type, and you are left to rest for a few minutes.

The pressure of the air pushes out anything that might be clogging your pores, meaning no painful extractions are necessary.

Afterwards, I immediately notice that the pores on my cheeks have shrunken down, the blackheads on my nose are much smaller, and some whiteheads that were stuck on the sides of my nose have been pushed to the surface. It felt like someone had turned the crank on my a face a few times to tighten everything up.

The day before I had gotten a few small pimples around my face, and the facial speeded up the process by bringing the whiteheads to the surface to allow them to heal on their own, instead of being opened up with squeezing. They have quickly disappeared.

As for recovery, it is the same as with any facial–your face will take a week or two to recover, I have gotten a few more breakouts than usual from everything being pushed to the surface.

With the seasons changing from hot to cold, this is the perfect time to get a Jet Peel facial. Skin gets clogged up from a Summer of repeat sunscreen applications (and sweat), and this is a great way to deep clean, get rid of dead skin cells and rehydrate for the upcoming season. September always signifies the start of a “new year” to me, so why wouldn’t you want to start it out with a clean slate?

If you are in the Oakville area, I highly recommend the Oakville Beauty Insitute. Every single one of their staff is lovely, and the space itself is chic and very clean (they also carry a lot of natural/organic products). No matter what service you get, they really take their time with the client to do a thorough job, get to know them and help with any skincare questions. As it happens, they have a special on Jet Peel facials until the end of September, so if you book now for later, you can save yourself $40 or more.

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