Right out of the gate, this “lipstick” was one of my new favourites.

Ever wanted red lips, but wanted them to look natural (kinda sounds like a contradiction, right? Red lips are usually for the bold)?. This lipstick-quasi-balm gives translucent colour reminiscent of a stain, making it something you can wear every single day (and perfect for the girl who is scared of lipstick). Poppy, the creator of Lipstick Queen, was inspired by medieval women who used to stain their lips to a see through blood red with lemons since lipstick was considered a sin.

This magic lipstick matches every single skin tone, and instantly makes your face look clearer and your teeth look whiter, thanks to the bluey tones. Plus, I totally appreciate not having to apply lipbalm first and then lipstick–this product is super hydrating since it is basically all Vitamin E and applies like a balm, making it totally foolproof and will spruce you up in a jiffy. It’s the perfect subtle red, and a great colour to have on hand for Fall.

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