Well that summer bites the dust. And in comes the chilly weather– and while I can’t wait to bring back sweater weather, the cold weather takes quite a toll in the beauty department, something not really to look forward to. Dry lips and rosy cheeks aside, every time fall/winter rolls around, I get really itchy scalp. Now, a lot of things can cause this dilemma, however, I think the dryness just gives me more dandruff (the effectiveness of this product may differ if your itch is cause by psoriasis or a fungal disease, though I’d definitely give it a go). Anyone who has had itchy scalp knows how embarrassing it is, and well, I was putting my foot down. Actually, my mom was the brilliant one that thought of this one. Then, I knew I had to share my secret to the world of itchy scalp sufferer’s, or even just people with bad dandruff.

I guess this isn’t really a review of Aveda’s Invati Exfoliating Shampoo— although my mother swears by it for thinning hair. It’s really the weirdest texture ever– super runny and brown-coloured. It doesn’t really foam up like most shampoos either (Aveda shampoos don’t really foam up). Oh, and it smells kinda funny (they only use natural ingredients). All quirks aside, this stuff works because it’s an exfoliator (via salicylic acid, a common ingredient in acne products). Sounds weird, huh? Well, we use scrubs and acids to slough off the old skin on our faces, leaving us with smooth, new skin cells. And if dandruff is just flaking, old skin, wouldn’t exfoliating seem like the perfect option? It also aims to nourish dry scalps, further preventing dandruff and the itch. I use this once or twice a week, usually following with a normal shampoo after to get rid of any build up. So fear no longer, itchy scalpers, I have found the remedy.

Anna Raponi

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