Straight up, this is the most expensive product I’ve ever used on my face. At $158 a tube, this better deliver, right?

It does.

This thick, creamy, pink mask smooths onto skin like a dream (without feeling heavy or overly rich) to hydrate and plump skin (and it makes your face smell like roses). A few times a week after cleansing, I apply a layer of this to my face before bed (though if you’re short on time, you need only leave this mask on for 15 minutes). I wake up with my naso-labial lines filled in, and super hydrated, glowing skin. You really don’t need a lot of product for each use, so my thinking is that a tube would last you a good, long while. I was able to get 3 uses each out of these packets, applying the mask generously. And I mean generously. I would apply a layer, and then usually apply another layer after that.
This would definitely be in my carry-on if I was going on a flight–the mask goes on translucently, you would never notice it on someone, plus you would arrive totally fresh-faced.


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