Even though it’s back to school, the beginning of September, etc., Fall doesn’t technically start until September 22nd. While most days we are willing to accept the crisper weather, chilly nights, and shorter days (not really), we can’t let go of the sunny, long days just yet (the weather is cruelly giving us a taste of the heat again this week). On cold days and nights, how do you create summer against Mother Nature’s will? Easy. Fragrance, Makeup and Nail Polish.

Fragrance- Cire Trudon Candle in Dada

I picked this handsome-looking candle up last Spring because I was just dying for Summer to start. After smelling a lot of heady, strong, manly scents from the collection, as soon as I smelled this eucalyptus, tea and mint concoction, I immediately knew it was coming home with me. This candle fills your space with a fresh, summery scent. The citrusy fragrance is perfectly evocative of sunny days.

Makeup- RMS Lip2Cheek and Lip Shine

These little pots in ‘Sacred’ and ‘Smile’ are sunshine in a lip product.

‘Sacred’ is the most perfect bright pink. You can build it up to different intensities, and it glides on as a gloss and is long-lasting as it wears into a stain. Perfect for rev’ing up a dull or pale face (thanks, Fall).

‘Smile’ is a pretty, peachy-apricot that works on your lips and cheeks. This little pot brings a sunny warmth to your look.

Nails- Rococo Polishes

No one says that you have to embrace the darker palette of Autumn’s polishes just yet! Rococo’s Bombshell and Kitsch will have you getting in a summery frame of mind every time you look at your nails. I’m especially loving the magenta pink of Bombshell on my toes. These creme formulas are thick and opaque and ensure full-coverage in just one coat. Pretty and time efficient!


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