I think just in general, using the word “oil” when describing our skin or hair type is kind of… gross. Like really, no one wants to be the greaseball. No one. But it’s not our fault. And while I imagine it’s pretty difficult/most likely very unhealthy to try and change your skin type altogether, I think it’s important to understand our skin and work with it. It ain’t going nowhere. For the lucky readers like me who more often than not look shiny, who never really need to put on moisturizer, and do not leave the house without blotting papers, this one goes out to you.

Let’s not start on a negative note here. Hard to believe, but your pesky skin is actually helping you out! You’re gonna see the signs of aging later than women/men with, say, dry or normal skin. That’s huge. Second off, do you know how many products are out there, aiming to mimic the radiance of a little dewiness? People pay for that shit! Hard to believe, right? We often forget that matte skin can look a tad on the dead side. Embrace your glow! But with good judgement, obviously. Also, oily skin tends to be thicker and more resilient to the harsh effects of the environment has on our skin (ie. sun, wind). It’s like our secret armour.
Sounds great, right? No–we all know that it sucks. But there are most definitely ways to tame the “tiger”. Starting off on the right foot in skincare is your best bet. Though it seems logical to completely strip your skin of any oil altogether, let me walk you off the edge. Please, do not do this. Your skin will react by producing even more oil than before to compensate. Obviously, you aren’t gonna need the richest moisturizer, but don’t shy away from oils and moisturizing. Start off washing the ‘offender’ morning and night, but try to avoid cleansers with salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide. I’ve honestly found that they really do more harm than good. Don’t skip moisturizer. Just keep it light, oil-free and maybe even oil-controlling. If you use foundation, use a powder or one tailored to oily skin (my favourites are MUFE’s and Clarins). Powder. Right away. And don’t be foolish. Always, and I mean always, carry blotting sheets. Before bed, get that makeup off and cleanse. You wouldn’t believe how much extra oil accumulates on our faces, most of it coming from our own hands (gross, I know). I’ve found that steaming my face with a washcloth after cleansing has helped balance my skin as well. Ingredients like clay, tea tree oil and glycolic acid have worked wonders for me as well–look for those in your toners.
Remember: this is your skin. We often get so frustrated with it that we can be extremely harsh with our skincare regimen. It is a two-way street. If you take proper care of your skin, it will show. So put your best face forward.
–Anna Raponi

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