BB, CC, DD, all these stupid sounding names of different skin-toned creams that do this and that to our skin. It’s all too confusing nowadays and I need a breather, stat. So, when I saw a BB in the hair aisle at Shoppers rather than that of the makeup, I was not only confused, but intrigued. It’s not hair makeup, no. It’s a multipurpose styling cream that aims to knock out any other steps/ products you may have usually needed. As a 10 in 1, it promises:

1. Repair for rough hair
2. Strength against damage
3. Silky softness
4. Brilliant shine
5. Smoothing
6. Moisture
7. Frizz Control
8. Heat Protectant
9. Manageability
10. Tame fly-aways

…however a few of those mean exactly the same thing or I just have no idea what they mean. It’s definitely very hydrating, albeit by the use of silicones, but it’s nourishing nonetheless. It’s never made my curly hair frizzy, so checkmark there. I wouldn’t say ‘brilliant’ shine but definitely a sheen to my locks. And yes, my hair is certainly softer after using this productI wouldn’t think of it as extraordinary, but I’ve swapped this one in instead of using an anti-frizz, a curl cream and an oil. So, I guess it is a handy little all-in-one. And, who needs three pricey products when this one’s worth 10 big ones?

And the best part? It’s got that iconic Pantene smell that will take you back to when you were seven years old. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

–Anna Raponi

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