As much as clothing is important to a great image, having a solid grooming technique is equally essential. I use a variety of different products everyday to keep my hair looking neat and my skin looking fresh. Here are my secrets:
Hair care
My hair is probably one of the biggest components to my look. Depending on how my hair flows on a certain day will help determine what I wear. Because of this, I try to take care of my hair as best as I can. I naturally have thin straight hair so I wash withSeanol Procava Shampoo and Conditioner. It encourages a healthy metabolism in hair and renews damaged follicles, which is important for any guy who uses multiple styling products in their hair. It’s also a shampoo with conditioner which saves me a bunch of time in the morning as I rush out the door!
When it comes to styling my hair I use a couple of different products. First, I comb all my hair to the back of my head to give it some initial form. I usually do my hair right out of the shower, so I make it a point to wait till it dries slightly. Thin hair only looks thinner when it’s wet so give your hair some time to set up. I then spray Tresemme Hair Spray Tres Two on to a comb and lightly comb through. This gives my hair a light natural hold that’s humidity resistant. Then I put a small dap of Schwarzkopf Got 2 B Glued in my hand and run it through my hair. This gives it some stability and keeps fly away hairs from going wild over the span of a day. I comb through once more and my hair is ready to take on the day.
Skin Care 
I think skin care is one element of grooming that men usually neglect. I myself was one of those guys until I found day-to-day that my skin felt tight and was inflamed and irritated at the end of a day. I now use Vaseline Men Hydrating Face Lotion. It gives my skin a light layer of moisture without clogging my pores. I also use L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Under Eye Rollerfor those dark circles after a sleepless night. I couldn’t tell you how many times this one has helped me out!

–Mr. Jonathan Cavaliere, author of style blog, Mr. Cavaliere

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