Admittedly, I had never heard of Cowshed before trying out these products before. They sounded a bit farm-y, so I was unsure of what to expect at all.

When I received these, I was immediately curious what these products would smell like. Milk? Dairy? Not at all (thank goodness, I hate yogurt). Cowshed is a British company, inspired by the English Garden. Their products are all-natural, homeopathic, never tested on animals, and the ingredients come from sustainable resources (which is important to a lot of you). The garden influence really comes through in both of these products–they both have wonderfully herb-y smells, perfect for both men and women (Jordan really likes these as well).

Normally, I always have Aveeno’s lavender body wash (aka Positively Nourishing Calming Body wash) in the shower. But really, that isn’t truly representative of what lavender actually smells like. It’s what pretty lavender would smell like–but since body wash isn’t something that I normally care about and Aveeno is cheap, it works for me.

This body wash is something else though. It is made with a bunch of essential oils–jasmine, chamomile and sandalwood–which are super aromatic and really relax you, which refers to their name ‘lazy cow’ (I appreciate their playful names–other product lines include grumpy cow, knackered cow, horny cow, etc.). Apparently, from my past body wash choices, I look for de-stressing and calming qualities, and I swear, a deep whiff of this as I’m showering, and I’m quickly ready to go to sleep. This body wash is definitely an upgrade from the Aveeno, and it leaves a clean, but not dry or tight feeling.

The ‘moody cow’ bath and body oil can be used a few different ways–pour a few drops into a bath, apply after a shower to damp skin to hydrate or use it as a massage oil (I even used it on Jordan’s sore neck one night). This product is also quite aromatic, even more intense than the cleanser. It contains essential oils of rose gernanium, frankincense (not just for Christmas, apparently) and linden blossom. I apply it after my shower before bed to envelop myself in the relaxing scents. If you are going to use it as a body oil, be sure to test it on a patch of skin first, as the essential oils might irritate your skin. Overall, this is a lovely oil that has a light, thin viscocity to it that absorbs quickly.

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