I’m sure you can all remember your first not so great part-time job. This summer, I needed a job. I handed out what felt like hundreds of résumés around town, with no replies. Then, before I even had time to think, I had not one, but two part-times in food retail. I’m not complaining– they kept me busy and funded my shopping habits. But, my bosses said, “for obvious reasons, nail polish is off-limits”.

Off limits you say?!?! I’m a teenage girl AND a beauty blogger for Pete’s sake! No consideration.

Anyways. I decided that if I couldn’t have my nails painted practically all summer, then my hands had to look pretty darn good on their own. I normally have pretty rough cuticles that no oil nor cream has ever been able to tame. So, as per usual, I spent some time on sephora.com and came across this scrub from L’Occitane. Why had I never thought of a scrub before? This one is super gritty and binded together with shea, grapeseed and almond oils, to both exfoliate and nourish your paws. Oh, and you only have to scrub for a minute, hence the name ‘One Minute Hand Scrub’. It makes my bare hands look polished and oh so soft, all in 60 seconds.

–Anna Raponi

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