I had been wanting to try SK-II’s Facial Treatment Masks for a really long time, and was hoping to get a chance to before my wedding. In Japan, brides will use these masks everyday for 90 days before the wedding to get a beautiful complexion. Unfortunately, things got lost in the mail, and I wasn’t able to get my Japanese-bridal-glow on. Instead, now that all of the stress of wedding planning is over, these masks have helped to bring my skin back to normal (stress shows up on your face!).

These masks are well-known for their superpowers–Lisa Eldridge uses them on models pre-photoshoot and people are known to be so devoted that they will even apply them on flights, shrugging off the fact that they will look semi-frightening for a little while so that they can emerge from the flight with a radiant complexion.

I gave these masks a trial over a 3-week period, applying one every Monday night.

Mask 1:
If you will be doing your mask around others warn them.
Me: Jordan I’m about to do a face mask that is said to make people look like Hannibal.
Jordan: Ok.
I walk out of the bathroom
Jordan: No, you look more like Buffalo Bill.

Take 20 minutes to close your eyes, relax, and have someone take a photo of you so you can send it to your sister to freak her out.

While lying on my couch, I looked up some tips for the mask. After reading a few Sephora reviews, I learn that I can wring out the mask afterwards and keep the leftover magic goop (Pitera) in a bottle. I put mine in a mason jar (how hipster of me), because it’s all I can find. I have been applying it nightly ever since after my toners to keep the benefits going. My skin already looks clearer and more even-toned plus it is more hydrated and so, so smooth.

Mask 2:
Once again, I put my mask on, put on Orange Is The New Black, scare Jordan, and let the mask sink in. I leave it on longer than 20 minutes this time, hoping for maximum absorption and also because I don’t want to get up.
Before I throw out the mask, I rub it on my neck, chest and the backs of my hands. The mask is so concentrated with the magic goop, you just can’t let it go to waste. I also squeeze the leftovers from the package into a jar for nightly use.
I wake up and the first thing I notice is that my nasolabial wrinkles have completely disappeared. I can’t believe this. The mask just filled in the lines. My skin is also smooth, radiant, clear and even toned. Also, some of the red spots that were coming up disappeared. I’m going to be really sad when I don’t have any of these left.

Mask 3:
I repeat the mask/TV mix, but this time with Pretty Little Liars (I know, I know). Then I get freaked out because I’m alone, and it’s nighttime, and A is in Spencer’s house. I remind myself not to look at a reflection of myself in a mirror in case I think Hannibal/Buffalo Bill is in my apartment.
The next morning, once again, my skin looks great, my nasolabial wrinkles have been filled in, and, the slight forehead wrinkle that was beginning to appear when I lift my eyebrows is gone! I’m pretty surprised at this and these masks really do prove that they have anti-aging power–literally undoing done damage.

Overall, these masks are a bit pricey (6 for $90 or 10 for $125), but, really, facials cost at least as much as these masks, and facials last only once. If you have the money, these are really a great investment for your face, they will make a noticeable difference in your skin. If you have a special event coming up (your own wedding, someone else’s weddding, birthday, etc.), I definitely recommend using one of these beforehand to get it your face looking it’s best.

SK-II generously supplied three of their masks to sample.

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