One of the things I hate most about hand cream is the greasy feeling that remains making you feel like you have sweaty palms (this rings especially true in the summer). Unfortunately, with all of the drying hand soaps out there (work, school, the mall, etc.), my hands are perpetually dry and tight and because I hate the feel of slick hands, I avoid applying hand cream opting for wrinkly, dry hands instead.
Aveda’s Hand Relief is truly the first hand cream I have used that absorbs without any residue whatsoever but feels like it is truly and deeply hydrating. The limited-edition formula is infused with a rosemary and mint aroma which gives a gorgeous, refreshing scent but also an amazing, tingly feeling. After massaging the cream in, I kept closing my eyes and sniffing my hands, it was such a soothing, relaxing scent. I even want to try putting it onto my feet.
While you are hydrating your hands and breathing in the cream’s aromatherapeutic qualities, you can also help save lives. Aveda will be donating $4 of the purchase price to the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They plan to raise $300,000 for the cause. The pretty pink packaging makes this easy to spot at any Aveda retailer.
This product sample was provided by Aveda.

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