With the start of school quickly approaching, and that feeling of a “new” year beginning every September, Anna and I have created a look for your first day–be it at school, work, whatever. To achieve a perfectly polished and fresh face, we used products from Clarins’ new Autumn Collection.
To start with an even base, I smoothed the new BB Skin Perfecting Cream, which has the perfect amount of coverage: more than a tinted moisturizer, but not heavy enough to feel like a foundation, then concealed my undereye circles. Using a big powder brush, I swept the Graphic Expression Face and Blush Powder starting at the top of my face, around the sides to the cheekbones, and down tracing the jaw to create a contouring effect (imagine drawing a 3 on the side of your face). Then I lightly brushed the powder on my forehead and down the bridge of my nose, and added a little more colour to my cheekbones.
With an eyeshadow brush, I applied the lightest shade in the Eye Quartet Mineral Palette to create a brightening effect. The pale gold brings a beautiful glow to the eyes. To add definition, apply the second lightest shade into the crease of the eye.
What really makes this look work is the added pop the eyeliner and mascara give to the eyes. Trace a line on your upper lashline, getting thicker as your reach the end of the eye and blend with the little brush handily attached to the end of the pencil. Draw a very light line under your bottom lashes and blend. Finish it all off with a few coats of Be Long mascara, which not only is an amazing mascara, but also contains a formula to make your lashes grow longer. This for me is really the standout item of the line–the little brush is easy to manoeuvre and it really grabs onto each last for definition and length (plus the super chic packaging helps).
P.S. I’m wearing a Banana Republic shirt, Mango pants, custom sandals from a small boutique in Positano and a Longchamp bag.


This is the first post in a four part series with Clarins featuring their Fall makeup line, Graphic Expression. I was not compensated for these posts (and I only work with brands I love).

Part II: Evening

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