I thought I would probably cry on my wedding day (though I didn’t) so I had enough foresight to find a waterproof concealer, because who would want to wipe away tears and have photos of them with their purplely under eye circles showing through (you really should see mine)? Certainly not me. I also had three potentially emotional bridesmaids on my hands (one cried when I showed her my wedding dress hung up in my room), so I needed to be prepared. I waterproofed everything I possibly could on our faces on the big day (more on that in another post), including our concealer using Lancôme’s Effacernes.Since then, this concealer has quickly made its way from a wedding day favourite to everyday favourite. Honeymooning in France and Italy during the hottest month of the summer means sun and sweat and this concealer fights through everything. It has the perfect amount of thickness and pigment for coverage but never ever clumps or gets stuck in fine lines. It just. doesn’t. budge. Just smooth it on and never worry about your makeup moving around again. After swimming at the beach I can wipe my face with a towel and this concealer is going nowhere.

And one last point: this is the perfect concealer for contact lens-wearers. My eyes can tear up and this concealer will make it through, which is perfect when you’re dealing with fiddling around with uncomfortable contacts or even just getting them in your eyes.

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