Lipsticks can be quite frightening, I hear ya. Even with lip liners, they’re known to move around where they are unwanted (ie teeth, which can age you 60 years in seconds, it’s phenomenal), few last as long as we’d like and they’re just a pain to put on. Perhaps this is why the ever-popular Nars pencil lipsticks are everywhere these days. However, I prefer liquid lipsticks over all the forms. Why? The doe-foot applicators are the most precise and easiest to touch up on-the-go. So when I heard that Apocalips was coming to Canadian drugstores, I knew I had to move fast. These are much loved over in the UK, and I now know exactly why. The formula is a dream to apply, and with the lip gloss-type applicator, you can’t go wrong. My bold lip lasted a good 3 hours solo (no balm, no liner, no stain, no nothing), and managed to stay off my pearly-whites even through a few sips of water. What set it apart from both drugstore AND high-end lipsticks (even more specifically, liquid lipsticks– Stila, I’m talking to you) was it’s ability to stay moist throughout its wear. The feeling of dry, non-smackable lips ain’t very comfortable. And at $10, you have no reason not to have perfect lipstick.

–Anna Raponi

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