A few weeks ago, on a long trip to the mall (that I wasn’t particularly enjoying after the third hour), my mom decided to test my patience even further by taking a complimentary makeover at Holt. The lovely ladies offered me some pink lemonade and a seat to watch my mom try on Laura Mercier’s summer collection applied by one of the makeup artists that to be quite honest I did not trust at all (I generally don’t like the women at the mall offering free makeovers *stab at my confidence*). Anyways, I didn’t give the lady enough credit, she really knew what she was doing. My mom, who is more often  than not sporting the no-makeup look (though she piles on the face serums/creams), looked beautiful, and wanted to buy a few pieces of the look. We eventually decided on the matte bronzer (more suitable for mature skin), the cream eyeshadow stick in amethyst, and the crème lipstick in strawberry sorbet, a corally-pink lipstick that was quite a bold move for my mom. She got to chose a free mini, and we thought the lip gloss in bonbon would compliment the lipstick beautifully. Since then, both my mother and I have done this lip combo quite often, and the pair makes wearing a bold lip much less daunting– they apply smoothly (you almost don’t need a pencil to start off), and the colour lasts hours while hydrating the lips.

–Anna Raponi


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