Knowing that we would have a 7-hour flight to Paris, I wanted to arrive to the first destination of our honeymoon looking well-rested and fresh-faced. We would be arriving in the morning, not being able to check-in to our hotel until the afternoon, so I wanted to be able to step off the plane, quickly change and explore the city.

Here was my plan: inject as much hydration into my routine as possible and get some sleep.
After being served our dinner (thank goodness I ate at the airport before getting on the plane), I removed all of my makeup except my eyeshadow and mascara with a N7 wipe. I followed up with a refreshing spritz of Beauty Elixir (plane air is NOT refreshing) then whipped out my trusty sample of Kiehl’s super hydrating Avocado eye cream. I smothered on a few layers of Kiehl’s Overnight Hydrating mask (the drying cabin air had already sucked the moisture out of my skin), applied some 8-hour cream to my lips and cuticles, and then coated my hands with l’Occitane’s Shea hand cream.
I popped a Gravol, took out my contacts, got sleepy watching Life of Pi in French, and put on my eye mask for a few hours of sleep.
When I woke up just before landing, I gave my face a once over with another wipe, applied my moisturizer and Bliss’ de-puffing eye cream and my Dior Hydralife for a bit of sunscreen and to even out my skin. I also had my trusty Lancôme concealer (I started panicking when the air pressure made it start coming out of the tube quickly) and my favourite Chanel lipstick (Rouge Coco in No.5 Mademoiselle) for a bit of colour to my face.
Bright-eyed and semi-bushy tailed I was ready! Until I fell asleep again in the taxi…

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