My latest jewelry obsession was born after seeing the tens of thin bands adorning the hands of my blogging idol, Emily Weiss. My view on rings were generally blingy, chunky and uncomfortable, and quite frankly, I have tiny hands and well, rings just looked dumb. However, after my thin-ring revelation, I thought I should give them another chance, and sure enough, thinner bands looked more proportionate to my baby hands and their versatility worked for everyday looks– you can stack them and they look equally chic on any finger (don’t avoid the thumb, it’s totally unexpected and cool). More recently, Amanda and I met Daria Werbowy, who also sported layers and layers of daintier jewelry– necklaces of different lengths, tons of rings and THE coolest earrings (she had a ton of piercings, which my mother doesn’t find quite as awesome as I do). Finally, last week on a stop in at Crate and Barrell, I spotted an uber-cool teen accessorizing not her wrists, but her ankle, looking super beachy.
From left to right, clockwise: Scheherazade Anklet, Diamond Raindrop Earring (Aili), Cat Ring (Bittersweets NY), Vertical Bar Ring (Satomi Kawakita), Bow Necklace (Digby Necklace), Horseshoe Ring (1909 by Erica Weiner) all from Catbird.

–Anna Raponi

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