Even with the HUGE (and somewhat intimidating) selection of foundations available these days, I still feel like the options for oily skin are quite sparse. And for the teen with uneven, acne-prone skin, this sucks. Not to say that the few of products on the market aren’t good though, well, at least the ones I’ve given a go. Over the past, hmm year or so, I’ve tried out two foundations for my not-so-lovely greasy skin, one liquid and one powder, and I think it’s about time I discussed.

First observed on a Lisa Eldridge YouTube video, the Clarins Ever Matte Foundation. It’s packed with SPF 15 (which, I should add, you should not solely rely on), a fresh, watermelon-y scent and the ‘Skin Detox’, which the brand claims to tighten pores and control natural-occurring oils on the skin. I first started out with this product last summer, using the first shade, Ivory. The texture is easily the BEST I have ever seen in a foundation. It’s almost… dry? Upon application, it’s not wet or sticky, it just glides on and sets almost immediately. The coverage is just as easily the best I’ve seen in a foundation. I trusted it to cover the red patches on my cheeks, the acne scars around my mouth AND the blemishes I was fighting off at the time. I can report that this superpower unified my skin tone THE best a foundation ever has, however I still followed with some targeted concealing on any zits still visible.

While this foundation promises to keep you matte all day, I know my skin, and that promise is just too good to be true. Following application, I set the whole shebang with a translucent powder, and I could go about 3-4 hours until I had to whip out a blotting paper. However, I have exceptionally oily skin and this product could most likely go a bit longer solo on someone else’s ‘oily’ skin (however, I would like to see me prove me wrong, it’s a lonely fight over here). Probably my only complaint, which is the sorrowful reason I had to, sigh, abandon my good ol’ friend, is the somewhat-lacking shade selection. While Ivory worked on my (slightly) tanned, summer skin, it’s just too much of a contrast on my hibernated, winter-y skin. Perhaps I can reconnect with ol’ Clarins after I get some sun.

So after Amanda commented on the, shriek, line of darker foundation on my jaw bone, and I knew it was time to break up with Ever Matte. It was a good run. So I hit the web, and after scrolling through about a hundred different products and reviews, I thought I should pursue a new endeavor, a powder foundation. I mean, powders are known to absorb oil, duh. However, I’ve typically shyed away from these bases because they don’t provide that much coverage and are known to look cakey. I thought my best bet would be the Make Up For Ever Duo Mat, which promises medium coverage and an, obviously, matte finish. I conceal any blemishes and large red patches beforehand (using a creamy concealer), then pack this on using a dense powder brush. I get the high coverage I would get with the Clarins this way, however I have to go heavier with the concealer using this powder. The Duo Mat wins the matte race– I can go a whopping 6-7 hours without the shine (hallelujah!). I use the shade ‘Beige Opalescent’, which fits my fairer skin tone, and there’s even one lighter, you know, just in case.

Where Duo Mat lacks in coverage, Clarins performs. Duo Mat wins the matte AND the colour competition. The prices are more or less the same. For me, Duo Mat gets my heart. But honestly, these two are killer in not-so-abundant variety of foundations for oily skin.

–Anna Raponi

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