I actually won this product not really knowing what it did. But boy, am I glad I entered that contest. This is my new favourite product for getting my glow on.
Rodial boasts that there are over 100 ways to use their  Glam Balm Multi, and I believe it. You can use it as anything from a lip balm, to a facial moisture mask, to a hair mask, to a primer. I’ve been applying it as a moisture mask overnight and have been waking up with plumper, more hydrated skin. My marionette wrinkles a even a little more filled in.
After applying my other serums I just put a thin layer of this oil/gel/cream/balm all over my face (and I mean all over, even on my eyelids). In preparation for my wedding, I want my skin to look as healthy and clear as possible and this product is definitely helping me get there. I also plan to smother this on my face on the plane this July for my honeymoon so that I arrive all fresh-faced. I’ll also mix it when some hand cream to pump it up a bit. Nothing worse than cabin air for sucking every last bit of moisture out of your skin.


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