With their newly popular Hairdressers Invisible Oil, and their iconic Surf Spray (and matching Shampoo and Conditioner), Bumble and bumble makes effective and simple products to cater to all of your hairstyling needs. However, even for the experienced self-‘coiffeur’, it’s hard to know which products to pick and choose–and how to get the results we want while avoiding using too many and weighing the hair down. Oh, the struggles.
As I was scrolling through my Pinterest dashboard covered in “mason jar juice recipes” (it’s getting old people), I saw these ‘before and after’ shots of some, dare I say, really awesome hair. I clicked through, and discovered the ‘Volume Sessions’ on Bumble and bumble’s site. These super informative videos show you how to create these do’s, mainly using their Thickening line. Watching the products in action is really helpful but also makes me wanna dash to my nearest Sephora to buy them for myself. The tutorials are easy to follow and don’t require that much skill. So pop some popcorn and enjoy the show(s).
Full-Bodied Waves
Really big waves
Defined Waves
Also, a useful guide to backcombing from the site.

–Anna Raponi

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