Foreword: I know that this Urban Decay Naked palette has been so hyped up (some would save over-hyped) over the years, and that by writing this post, I am feeding into it myself. But, this is not for nothing.

About a month ago, I went to Sephora for a bridal makeup consultation (I basically just had them do my makeup and help me pick colours/products, etc.). I really thought that I would be able to use my favourite Dior palette, but then the makeup artist pointed out that they eyeshadows were cool toned and the blush I hadselected and my lipstick, were warm toned. Duh! How did I not notice that? You definitely want the colour story on your face to be on the same track.
So after asking me if I was ok with shimmer (yes) she brought over the Naked palette and I thought ‘Oh great. Of course this is what she would bring over’. I shouldn’t have been so blasé, this palette is actually amazing. Every single colour I have tried looks great. Every. Single. One. And! They are super long-lasting. The colour stays true all day long, without a primer (at least on me–if you do need a primer, Urban Decay also makes a great one and if you buy it from Sephora, it comes one!).
In case you were wondering what she suggested for my bridal look, she said to start with “Virgin” all over the lid and brow bone, then “Sin” on the lid and “Buck” in the crease. This combo gives a clean, fresh look (though the names suggest otherwise).
I am also in love with “Half Baked”. This is a shade I would probably never purchase for myself on it’s own as it would be more bold and golden than I would think would look good on me. But it’s beautiful and brings a glow to the face. “Toasted” and “Smog” are also great for a nighttime look, and if you want to jazz it up a bit, go for “Sidecar”, which has a bit more glitter.
I have yet to make my way through the whole palette, but I will get there one day (some many shades!). This is a great palette for someone who is scared of colour/enjoys neutrals (me), or a beginner who might not know where to start when looking for an eyeshadow. It might also lead you into trying colours you might never thought have worked on you.You’re really getting great value for your money with the formula and the amount of shadows.

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