Let me start off by saying that my wearing of this beautiful product was somewhat triggered by my ‘adventurous’ streak (as mentioned a few posts back). I purchased this lip pencil waaay back at that Holt Renfrew event. If I recall correctly, Emily Weiss was wearing a deep red-y shade on her lips, inspiring me to try one out. So Amanda and I made our way over to the NARS counter (she was set on a new blush) and I asked the lady for a bold lip colour for spring. She swatched Never Say Never (trust me, Amanda and I laughed at the unintentional Bieb‘s reference), a deep rosy/plum-y pink. At the time, I didn’t quite realize just how dark the shade was, which lead me to neglect the poor pencil for months. However, upon seeing a relatively old editorial of the beautiful Rosie sporting a similar shade, I was suddenly ready to break out this pencil.

I start off with some lip balm, as I find this pencil can be a tad drying. However, if there is any excess oil on your lips after moisturizing, wipe it off so that you don’t create too much of a barrier between the lips and the product (thus causing the pigment to last longer). I then apply my transparent lip liner, however you can use one of a similar plum shade as well. Then, thanks to the clever design of this product, you can easily apply the colour to your lips, with optimum control and precision. I usually use a q-tip to clean up the edges, then smack my lips a bit to evenly spread the product. I paired this bold lip with Rosie-esque dark brows, natural eyes and simple, clear skin. This product lasted a good 2-3 hours before I had to touch up (also keep in mind I ate one of those ice cream drumsticks during this time).

–Anna Raponi

Also: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

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