I don’t know if it’s that I have particularly watery eyes, or if it’s my mascara, but by the end of the day, mascara is ALWAYS shadowing right under my waterline, and not defining and separating my lower lashes. I once heard that moisturizer around the eyes can cause the mascara to break down, but even since I stopped applying moisturizer there, the mascara just won’t stay. I then proceed to scrub the area with my pinkie, unsuccessfully clearing the transferred mascara. Evidently, what I was doing was not working. But then, I was struck with an idea– maybe more (embarrassingly ) obvious than I thought. Waterproof mascara on the bottom, regular on the top (you couldn’t possibly think I would abandon my beloved Burberry, could you?), and BAM, no five o’clock shadow (hah, you know what I mean). Despite the more vigorous and time-consuming makeup removing process, this technique is the most effective cure for this mysterious, annoying mascara phenomenon.

–Anna Raponi

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